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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Integ Controls and Instrumentation, Inc. as United Electric Control's Autorized Stocking Distributor for Western Canada.

Integ Controls and Instrumentation, headquartered at 3620 - 29 Street NE in Calgary, is headed by Doug Inglis who brings the experience of 27 years as UE's Regional Manager for Western Canada. Integ combines a high degree of application and product knowledge with dedicated service and support. Along with UE's Lean Manufacturing Processes for quick factory lead times, Integ's inventory provides immediate delivery of a large selection of mechanical and solid state pressure and temperature switches, pressure transmitters and RTD and Thermocouple sensors.

Value Delivered to Our Customers summarizes the UE and Integ partnership. We invite you to call Integ Controls and Instrumentation at 403-247-3724 for all product information, application support, and immediate delivery of UE products.

Sincerely, United Electric Controls Company

Peter E. Godfrey - Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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